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Our Mission

* Raise awareness on issues & policies that affect quality of life in California

*  Promote self-advocacy and civic engagement 

*  Improve transparency, efficiency, & effectiveness in California government 

* Serve as an independent watchdog for government oversight & accountability.

* Concentric focus: San Diego; So-Cal; Sacramento; and California



California Screamin'

With a $97.5 billion budget surplus*, you'd think there would be ample money to go around. Instead, politicians and bureaucrats repeatedly come up with new and creative ways to tax us more.  Some recent 'innovations' include: 

$  Road Use Charge (RUC)      
$  "New Levels" of 'Managed Lane' Tolls 

$  Increase in Ridehailing User Fees   

What do Capital One and California politicians have in common? 

They both want to know:   'What's in YOUR wallet?'

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