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Goals & Vision

VISION: envisions California as the state with the nation's most knowledgeable, politically engaged citizens who hold their representatives accountable for enacting prudent, centrist, common-sense legislative solutions and providing excellent quality-of-life for residents. 



*  Provide overviews and timely updates on political issues and events

*  Serve as an independent watchdog for government oversight & compliance

*  Improve transparency and accountability in legislative systems

*  Promote common sense policies that restore California's golden promise of opportunity and quality of life for all.  


1) Raise awareness regarding policies that are negatively impacting the quality of life in California
2) Encourage and foment a political shift back towards Center in California politics.

As we strive to inform people about the issues that beset our state, we also seek to shine a light on how numerous unintended consequences greatly diminish the quality of life for ALL Californians [and often ensue when well-intentioned policies collide head on with reality to frequently beget undesirable (but very predictable) outcomes] . seeks to promote compassionate common sense policies that will help restore our tarnished state back to one of golden promise that shines for all. 

You can learn more about on our About page here

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