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1A Suppression: "A Policy That Can Evolve"

The San Diego County Board of Supervisors Meeting on 11/10/2021 was a one-item "emergency" meeting, the purported intent of which was to rein in hate speech and add a "Code of Civil Discourse" from the National Conflict Resolution Center. However, Rule 4f went far beyond reining in hate speech; it also went so far as to preclude behavior "... including, but not limited to, the utterance of loud or threatening language, whistling, clapping, stamping of feet, speaking over or interrupting the recognized speaker, repeated waving of arms or other disruptive acts."

Since that time, many an audience member has been gaveled quiet by Chairman Fletcher for the simple (and Constitutionally-protected, case-precedent affirmed) act of their clapping response in support of a public speaker. The gaveling us quiet is made all the more egregious by the fact that Supervisors allow -- and openly invite -- clapping at the beginning of the meeting when they hand out Proclamations.

I will write more in the future about this ongoing saga and the resulting somewhat-contentious battle between Supervisors and 1A rights activists, as we "stakeholders" fight for the right to "revisit the issue", since we do, indeed, have grave concerns.


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