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California is a dream worth fighting for. But conditions have deteriorated statewide (crime, homelessness, high cost-of-living, & high taxes) to the point that the idyllic dream is now becoming a nightmare.

We aim to hold the line, and strive to right the listing ship. We encourage people to join us in nudging California back to Center -- to reclaim quality of life, public safety, and robust economic opportunity (with fair, not excessive, taxation.) Our 5-point Centrist plan includes:

  1. Prioritize Infrastructure (Water, Energy, Critical Industries)

  2. Implement a Multi-pronged Homelessness Strategy (with Emphasis on Substance Abuse, Mental Health, & Shelter)

  3. Elevate Education & Return Focus to Core Subjects

  4. Protect the Environment While Balancing the Needs of People

  5. Fair Taxation

We invite you to join us in getting activated in shifting policies back towards Center, via engaging our representatives, fighting for common-sense legislation, and supporting pragmatic candidates who are willing to admit things aren't quite working in this state.

Far more than just an abstract dream, we are fighting for a safe, equitable, and LIVABLE California. Join us in fighting to ...


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