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Sign the Online Petition for Transparency in Teleconferencing

The majority of the San Diego County Board of Supervisors (BOS) continues to vote for the ongoing use of teleconferencing under the 'emergency' provisions of California Assembly Bill 361 (AB 361).

The current protocols do not offer transparency nor accountability. If the BOS is going to continue teleconferencing, there should be protocols in place that assure the public that Supervisors who choose to teleconference are actively listening and participating. Some of the best practice protocols include:

1. Audible Accountability: If a teleconferencing member doesn't answer up, the clerk reads that into the record 2. Show Their Faces: Display live screenshots of themselves at all times so the public can see reactions and assess their levels of engagement. 3. Stay Logged On During Meetings: No missing public comment for hours, then logging back in to cast the tie-breaking vote.

Please consider signing our online petition to restore transparency in teleconferencing. We the People deserve no less.


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