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The Race to ReOpen Last in San Diego County

We are well into year three of the pandemic that no longer is. Laudably, most government entities now have their meetings fully re-open to in-person attendance and participation.

But there are a handful of home-stretch holdouts in the 'Race to ReOpen Last' in San Diego county. Among them: City of Del Mar; Sweetwater Authority; and the San Diego County Water Authority (who frequently send their members to represent at in-person meetings for other agencies, seminars, and special events.

While it's disheartening they continue to delay (now citing technology and logistical obstacles that almost all other governing bodies have managed to overcome), the City of Del Mar is slated to receive a presentation at this afternoon's council meeting about the road to fully re-opening, which they are tentatively set to do in 2023.

Here's urging Del Mar, Sweetwater Authority, and the San Diego County Water Authority (as well as any other holdouts) to step up their integrity game, and fully re-open their meetings. Many of the members who sit on these various holdout boards were quite eager to meet in person when it came to campaigning, fundraising, and attending galas & events.

Looking forward to these hobby horses to blossom into thoroughbreds, and lead with integrity and vote to fully re-open their meetings to in-person attendance.


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