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The Road Usage Charge Tax - How Much Will You Pay?

SANDAG's 2021 Regional Plan calls for a new tax based on the number of miles you drive

Various Road Usage Charge (RUC) studies are being conducted in several states, including: California, Delaware, Hawaii, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, New Hampshire, Ohio, Oregon, Texas, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming. And while this new method of taxation is moving forward in being studied, most people simply want to know: How much will I pay?

As a little refresher -- the Road Usage Charge is being put forth as a replacement to the gas tax (which is dwindling due to EVs and hybrids.) The idea is to move to a model that essentially charges people based on miles driven.

What will this charge look like? From the SANDAG website page on RUC "... of up to 4 cents per mile" for combined regional and statewide usage tax (this does not include any potential federal tax on top of that.) Below is a comparison chart we provide to give you an idea on just how much you'd pay under the 4 cents/mile assumption from SANDAG:

Remember -- this is on TOP of any gas tax already in place.

We at will be monitoring this issue closely, to see if more details are put forth and if any consideration is given to a potential double taxation of folks who drive gas-engine vehicles.

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