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What is a Road Usage Charge?

SANDAG's 2021 Regional Plan calls for a new tax based on the number of miles you drive

A Road Usage Charge (RUC) is a proposed method of replacing (supplementing?) the gas tax. As electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrids become more common, revenue from the gas tax is decreasing.

From SANDAG: "A road usage charge is a “user pays” system where drivers pay to maintain the roads based on how often they drive, rather than the current system that relies on how much gas is purchased. Under a road usage charge, drivers share roadway maintenance and repair costs more fairly based on usage.

A road usage charge is being studied by the federal and state governments as a way to replace an old tax system that is not sustainable. Approval of the 2021 Regional Plan includes a commitment to studying transportation system funding alternatives including a road usage charge program. This process will help ensure proper implementation and equitable fee rates for all communities, especially underserved or low-income populations."

Published 9/17/2022


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