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Why Are Del Mar City Council Meetings Still Virtual Only?

woman hiding behind a computer screen displaying virtual meeting
Woman Hiding Behind a Computer Screen

The City of Del Mar is among the last of the holdouts to keep their council meetings virtual only -- despite the fact that they send a representative to attend in-person SANDAG meetings.

While virtual meetings made sense during the beginning stages and at the height of Covid, the vast majority of governmental entities have now fully re-opened to in-person attendance for months. With the virus now endemic and Covid in the rear-view mirror, it's time for the City of Del Mar to do the same.

And yet, they continue to vote (month after month) for continued teleconferencing under the far more relaxed standards of AB 361, which lets them teleconference from private locations that don't have to be disclosed or allowed public access. Is it really about "safety", or perhaps (more likely), comfort and convenience?

So, Olly Olly Oxen Free, Del Mar! Time to come out of hiding and resume in-person meetings -- particularly since so many politicians are out openly campaigning this election season in person.

Please lead with integrity, and re-open your meetings to in-person public attendance.


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