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Kudos to SANDAG for Implementing an Audible Roll Call

A big shout out and thank you to SANDAG, for taking a public suggestion to heart to implement an audible roll call for their meetings.

At the September 9, 2022 Board of Directors meeting, a suggestion was made for SANDAG to implement an audible roll call. The suggestion came in response to an earlier event that morning, where the Executive Committee was abruptly cancelled due to a lack of quorum -- but with no audible roll call, the public was left to wonder who showed up for the meeting and who did not.

We were pleasantly surprised and heartened to see SANDAG act upon the suggestion at their next Board of Directors meeting on September 23, 2022. Thank you for improving accessibility, transparency, and public trust. In the age of virtual and hybrid meetings (where people frequently phone in) audible roll calls are crucial to transparency. More importantly, they are a means of increasing accessibility and engagement for the disabled.

So again, a big kudos and thank you to SANDAG for acting on the public input to make meetings more accessible and transparent.

Published 9/26/2022


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