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The 'Sanctity of Human Life' Flag

Due to a very personal incident one night many years ago at a hospital E.R., I became acutely aware of the fragility of human life. Equally troubling that night were the actions and attitude of my doctor - someone I'd trusted to care for both me and my unborn child. Sadly, he only cared about one of us.

Prior to that night's events, I'd been a staunch pro-choice feminist. But when I saw how willing -- no, almost eager - this doctor was to wipe a human life off the earth for no good reason, it shook me at my core and made me reconsider my position. More starkly, I realized that his medical 'advice' was also a billable procedure from which he would profit.

My axis shifted that evening, and my deeply held personal belief now holds that life is precious, and must be recognized as 'life'.

So now I advocate for the 'Sanctity of Human Life' flag to be flown in public spaces. While it features a pregnant woman and connected heartbeats, the flag commemorates and symbolizes the reverence for ALL life (including those lost to murder, genocide, fentanyl poisoning, etc.). One core premise of humanity is connection -- the noble goal of seeing and valuing others as much as ourselves. This flag is my humble effort to promote that sentiment.

sanctity of human life flag
'Sanctity of Human Life' Flag

(Sanctity of Human Life Flag)


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