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The Case for a 13-Week Limit on Abortion

The 13-week limit was chosen to align with averages from most of Western Europe. It also takes into account fetal development, as well as the increased risk to women as pregnancies progress. 

The Louisiana Dept. of Health has put together a set of 'Women's Right to Know' webpages to ensure that women have "all of the information necessary, including specific legal rights and options, to make an informed decision before they undergo an abortion procedure." It details abortion risks, pregnancy risks, and the rights for women as they make such a consequential decision. 



Fruit of the Womb

baby fruit comparison chart.jpg

We are also including a video from a separate site [WARNING:  GRAPHIC!to educate people on both sides of the aisle about details of a second-trimester abortion procedure. It is not for the faint of heart. If people are going to advocate that second and third trimester abortions be legal, they should also be fully educated as to what it involves -- manually tearing limbs from a body, pulling out intestines, and crushing a skull. 

Lastly, the map below details the different level of laws regarding abortion worldwide:

global map of abortion laws -
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